In 1993, the band reached its 25th Anniversary and, in celebration of that milestone, held a Reunion Party that was well attended by its former members.  During the evening, after some encouragement, many of the former members picked up their instruments and played a few tunes with the group.  It was about this time when the membership felt that the name of the band should reflect its beginnings and so the Grand Rapid & District Pipe Band came to be with the "& District" being added to acknowledge those members that traveled in from beyond the boundary of Greater Grand Rapids.

From 1993 to 1995 as the band slowly changed uniforms, swapping out the Ancient Wilson for the Modern Baird and then adding the Black Argyle jackets, the group was also in a rebuilding phase as several members had departed.  In this period, the band elected its third Pipe Major, gained a friend with the Clan Baird Society Worldwide and set its sights on competing once again.

In October of 1996, GR&DPB participated in the opening ceremonies of the VanAndel Arena.  With two other area pipe bands, GR&D lead the way across the ice towards the center of the arena where the bands circled and performed a well received version of Amazing Grace.  (I think the audience was amazed that none of the band members lost their step while out on the ice.)  The group has also performed at several of the West Michigan Whitecaps home games, during the half-time of a Griffins' game and at the anniversary event for the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

During the latter part of the 90's, the band not only reached its highest number of members but maintained that number for several seasons with an average of 10 pipers and 8 drummers.  Of course those sorts of numbers are hard for most bands to maintain, but GR&D can still put forth a decent size group for any occasion.  It was also in the latter part of the decade that GR&D finally went online registering its domain name ( and bringing our group to you and many others online.

As the oldest pipe band in West Michigan, we continue to seek out new members and new learners.  We thank you for your support and your continuing interest.